Creek Monkey Tap House

About Creek Monkey

About Creek Monkey

Before I tell you what we do and why we do it, I’d like to share the story of how we came across our Creek Monkey name.

From the late 1950’s until 1975, the George Matthews Great London Circus wintered in the Alhambra Valley. Legend has it that while the circus was in town, a number of clever South American Squirrel Monkeys escaped into the surrounding area, found their way into the Alhambra Creek and eventually formed a feral population. Word around town is that people still hear strange cries in the middle of the night and a lucky few have even spotted them. Yeah, it sounds far-fetched, but this is Martinez, a town where stranger things have happened.

We invite you to set aside your skepticism, sit by the creek on a warm summer night and look into the trees to see if you can spot one for yourself. All we ask is that you please refrain from giving them beer. The taps already mysteriously open in the middle of the night as it is.

We like the name because it’s fun, whimsical and shows that you don’t have to take yourself too seriously to have a good time. However, we take very seriously what we do. We source quality fresh ingredients from sources that you can feel good about, and that we are genuinely proud to serve. The animals never receive animal by-products or hormones and the meat is never treated with any preservatives or additives. They are also allowed to live a natural and dignified free range life as they are being raised. Our high quality produce comes from sustainable farms, and is delivered to us fresh out of the ground.  All of what we source can be found in the finest health food groceries. So why do we do all of this? We do it for two very simple reasons. First, it just tastes better. Second, it’s better for you and for the environment.

We also search out the highest quality wines and beers. We know most of the producers of these products personally. We like the taste and quality of their output and we know that by purchasing their products we are supporting people we know and love. We try to source beers that you can’t normally get on tap at other places. We intentionally rotate through these beers fairly quickly because we want to make each visit an adventure. Keeping it fresh and changing things up allows us to do this. We also make small batches of beer ourselves. Our goal is to one day have a full production brewery so we can join the growing number of local artisans that believe we need to return to an economy where we all support one another.

Because you’ve made the decision to share a meal in our house you are also supporting this effort and for that we’d like to very much thank you.


Jim and Katie Blair
Creek Monkey Tap House


Hours: (Being a small town resturant we are sometimes forced to let business dictate our closing time)

Monday-Thursday:  Open: 11AM  Closed: 8PM

Friday & Saturday: Open: 11AM   Closed: 10PM

Sunday:                    Open 12 PM  Closed: 9PM